conducted by: Miriam Butt

The aim of this research initiative is to develop the foundations for an automatic system that allows for an extraction of prosodic information (intonation, pauses, etc.) of spoken data and connects this information with a syntactic and semantic analysis, thus allowing the user to obtain information on the pragmatic content of a statement.


The interdisciplinary research initiative consisting of political science (PI Holzinger), linguistics (PIs Braun, Butt, Dehé, Romero) and computer and information science (PI Keim) facilitates the exchange of and the interaction between different ranges of expertise, thus allowing for a deep and thorough development of the topic from an interdisciplinary perspective. In addition to focusing on interface issues between prosody, syntax, semantics and pragmatics, primarily with respect to political argumentation, we are exploring the use of Visual Analytics for linguistic analysis.


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