Litlab Pamphlets


The members of the LitLab place the highest value on a reflective approach to the methodology of digital and empirical research as well as onto bridging gaps between methods. This approach is echoed in the pamphlets published on the current page.


Pamphlet #10

Character shifts in Harry Potter Fanfiction

Judith Brottrager, Joël Doat, Julian Häußler, Thomas Weitin. September 2022


Pamphlet #9

A Quantitative View of Genre Poetics. Calderón de la Barca’s oeuvre and the contemporaneous poetics of drama

Hanno Ehrlicher, Jörg Lehmann, Nils Reiter, Marcus Willand. April 2020


Pamphlet #8

Computational text analysis as a five-dimensional problem: A model for the description of complexity.

Evelyn Gius. November 2019


Pamphlet #7

Eponymous Heroes and Protagonists – Character Classification in German-Language Dramas

Benjamin Krautter, Janis Pagel, Nils Reiter, Marcus Willand, November 2018


Pamphlet #6

Average and distinction. The Deutscher Novellenschatz between literary history and corpus analysis.

Thomas Weitin, March 2018


Pamphlet #5

Digital Discourse Analysis.

Marcus Müller, December 2017


Pamphlet #4

Falcon Topics.

Thomas Weitin and Katharina Herget, November 2016


Pamphlet #3

The Global and the Singular. The intermediate layers of Cultural Studies.

Bent Gebert, May 2016


Pamphlet #2

Classics and the Digital Age. Advantages and limitations of digital text analysis in classical philology.

Marie Revellio, October 2015


Pamphlet #1

Thinking slowly. Reading Literature under the impression of Big Data.

Thomas Weitin, March 2015


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