The LitLab is a laboratory for digital text analysis and experiments in cognitive sciences. Under the supervision of Thomas Weitin a working group prepares different text corpora as a basis for research in literary history, literary theory and cultural studies. Projects in the domain of law and literature therefore get a new foundation.

Another focus of the LitLabs is reception research with the help of monitored reading. To do so, eye movements of the subjects are measured with an eye-tracking device. The LitLab has two different versions of the eye-tracker: a mobile eye-tracker, which is fixed underneath the stimulus screen, and eye-tracking glasses. These enable the test subjects to observe the viewing directions and thus determine, for example, which areas have been fixed for a particularly long time or which words have been skipped.
In addition, measuring devices for pulse measurement (PPG), electrocardiography (ECG) and skin conductance (EDA) are available, alongwith an EEG amplifier that allows to measure electrical brain activity. These can be easily combined with eye-tracking, as the data acquisition takes place parallel to the measurements of eye movements.



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